Governor's Park Tavern won't be around for much longer. The longtime spot on the Denver bar and restaurant scene is closing on Nov. 11. Employees knew their jobs there weren't going to last -- yet almost all of them stuck around until the end.

"Ninety-five percent of my staff has stuck through with me so I wanted to do my part since they were dedicating their time, their efforts, to me," said Mike Plancarte, the owner of Govnr's Park Tavern. "So I wanted to make sure that I was taking care of them even after Gov's is gone."

He wondered aloud, if his employees were dedicating their time to working at Gov's, how might find new jobs? So Plancarte decided to bring the potential jobs to his staff.

"We're going to bring the employers to them so they don't have to go out and pound the payment to look for new jobs," he said.

On Monday, Plancarte is holding a job fair at the tavern for his employees. He said there will be eight to 10 potential employers interviewing his staff and he hopes many of them will find jobs before gov's park closes.