DENVER — The three-day musical festival that brought the likes of Stevie Wonder and Florence and the Machine to the Mile High City will not be returning in 2019.

Superfly, the company that organized Grandoozy in Denver’s Overland Park Golf Course back in September, announced Friday that the festival will be “taking a hiatus." 

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“We feel a special connection to Denver and its people and intend to use this hiatus as an opportunity to create a festival that is even more unique, sustainable and integrated into the region’s local and creative community,” the Grandoozy organizers wrote in a statement. “We’re proud of the world-class festival we delivered for a world-class city and we are truly humbled by the praise and support Grandoozy received in its inaugural year from the fans, artists, vendors and the city of Denver.”

Superfly is also behind well-known festivals like Bonaroo and Outside Lands. It’s unclear why they chose not to continue to operate Grandoozy.

Grandoozy brought more than 60 musical acts to four stages in Overland Park Golf Course, which was closed for two weeks after the festival for repairs to the turf.

The festival grabbed headlines for its lack of parking. Attendees were instead encouraged to bike, take electric scooters, call a rideshare like Uber or Lyft, or to use mass transit.

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And it was mass transit that proved to be a hiccup. On the second day of the festival, RTD revealed that Grandoozy declined an offer to allow concert tickets to double as free bus and transit passes, while also adding additional service for more capacity.

Grandoozy’s organizers told RTD that after assessing year one’s attendance, they’d explore a partnership in the future.

The city of Denver released the following statement about Grandoozy's announcement: 

While the City and County of Denver is disappointed that the Grandoozy festival will not return in 2019, we hope and expect it to return in 2020. We look forward to seeing what new festival concepts Superfly develops during this hiatus.

The City and Superfly worked well together in 2018 and delivered an exciting festival experience to music fans in Denver and from around the country. Denver is proud of the successful collaboration that took place. 

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