A week after the deadly violence at a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville Virginia, peaceful rallies took place in several parts of the country on Saturday. Groups supporting diversity and racial justice turned out in Boulder.

Initially, a series of rallies at Google offices were planned by a right-wing activist after the company fired an employee over a memo he wrote about the company's diversity policies.

The planned rallies included one at the Boulder office, but those rallies were canceled. So those who came out to protest in Boulder were supporting the organization known as Showing Up for Racial Justice.

That organization said they believe it is critical to show up against Nazis, the KKK, and other white supremacist groups.At the same time, they want to look into how racism shows up in the institutions within our communities.

Over a hundred people marched from the former Google office on Pearl street to City Hall.

They chanted and held signs letting others in the city know they don't side with white supremacists and called for others to stop being silent and speak out.

They also talked about working with other groups like the Black Lives Matter movement.

“While we want to take initiative we don't want to take over and say that we have all the answers, we can fix things, and work independently," said Marissa Tafura, community organizer for Showing Up for Justice. "So we are building relationships with groups led by people of color so that we're checking in and perusing issues that matter to those communities.”

People at the rally, like Anita Khaldy, who came with her husband, said the only way to show you care is to be present.

“People have to show up at events when community events occur American citizens have to show up. That's how you get opened minded that's how you get educated,” said Khaldy.

The march lasted a little over an hour and protesters said they decided to end at City Hall because they wanted to call for all city leaders to ensure the community is accessible and safe for people of color.

Showing Up for Racial Justice is a national group. The Boulder chapter meets monthly.