KUSA — Baseball typically has nine innings, but when baseball is one's life, the game never really ends.

That’s the case for Lalo Quezada. He started playing in Mexico as a kid and quickly fell in love with the sport.

No one else in his family played baseball, “so I don’t have it in my blood,” he said in Spanish. “I think I was born with that gift, with that desire, that eagerness that hunger for


When he moved to Colorado, Lalo brought that passion for the ball game with him.

He joined La Liga Latina de Beisbol in 1990, a Latin Baseball League in Colorado. The league started with four teams back in 1987. Now, up to 70 teams sign up.

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Lalo’s track record includes 14 championships, 28 years at bat and six different teams.

Most recently, Lalo runs his own team - Los Diamantes. Lalo trained both of his sons, Obed and Cruz Quezada.

Obed and Cruz say they have a deep appreciation for what the diamond has done for them, which spans from family Sunday games together to full rides to college.

“You have ex-professional guys from leagues in Mexico, some Dominicans, some Cubans,” Cruz explained. “It’s pretty awesome for us that didn’t make to professional. We come here and get to face those guys who at one point made it a living.”

These are people with corazón, heart for the game.

“This is home,” Obed said. “This is where we feel comfortable, this is where we basically grew up… this is our sandbox.”

Obed says he’s learned hard work, to never give up and to love your family from the sport, but most importantly from his dad.

Siguen la leyenda de su padre, they’re continuing their dad’s legacy.

“I think it’s a tough legacy to carry … hard shoes to fill,” Obed said. Especially now that Lalo is retiring.

“It’s tough,” Obed said “He’s done it his whole life and it’s everything to him.”

“What is there left to do, but try hard and feel happy for being here for these moments," Lalo said.