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Denver hit and run victim searches for good Samaritans

A couple driving nearby stopped to help the skateboarder, and held his hand while he laid on the street waiting for an ambulance.

DENVER — A Denver man is searching for a couple that stayed by his side after he was hit by a car.

Nathan Kealey said he was riding his skateboard down West 35th Avenue near Osage Street around 11:45 a.m. Nov. 14. when he was hit by a grey minivan. 

"When I got to the intersection, I looked left and right. Initially I hadn't seen anybody, and unfortunately when I got down there was a blind spot," he said.

Kealey suffered a broken heel, a concussion and 25 stitches on his head.

Denver Police told 9NEWS Kealey failed to stop at a stop sign, but the driver failed to stop and render aid.

"At the end of the day, I think that both of us had some fault," Kealey said. "I wish they had stopped, but other than that I'm just really glad the bystanders were there." 

A couple driving nearby stopped to help Kealey and held his hand while he laid on the street waiting for an ambulance. 

"I believe their names were Frank and Lorraine," he said. "They were phenomenal people and just really helped me out. Not to be too dramatic, but definitely saved my life because I didn't see anybody else around."

Kealey hopes to find Frank and Lorraine to thank them for being so kind. 

Denver Police are still looking for the driver of that grey minivan. They said the driver could potentially face charges. 

If you are Frank or Lorraine and want to reach out, you can contact 9NEWS via email and we will connect you with Kealey. 

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