It's hard for some people to imagine Christmas without snow or without a tree. For people who live in Longmont, it's hard to imagine Christmas without the annual 'Scrooge: Bah Humbug!' show at Jesters Dinner Theater.

If you were born in Longmont or moved to the city within the last 30 years, it's likely you don't even know the holiday without the performance.

"It's cool and it's comfortable, and it's fun and it's Christmas," Steve van Lier, who plays Jacob Marley, said.

And if you know then show, then you definitely know its lead star. Scott Moore, who owns the theater, has been playing the title role for 30 years now. He got his start when he was 20 and had a darker shade of hair.

"I get teased a lot because for quite a few years I was buying a case of white hairspray and doing all that," Moore said. "They tease me now because they think I need to get some darker hairspray and kind of youthen so I look the role."

Moore joked that he thinks his look is just fine and said he's in "his Scrooge prime." If he has his way, he said the show will continue for a long time because it's his gift to the community.

"I know when I'm on stage and we're doing this show, we're giving something to these people out here that means something to them," Moore said.

30 years might seem like a long time, but to this day, Moore said the performances vary and each year the show feels brand new. However, new or not, the show has definitely left its print on the Longmont community and become a holiday tradition.

"I can't imagine having Christmas outside of Longmont, outside of this theater," Moore said. "Even if this goes away, I don't think I ever want that, I want to be home and this is home."

'Scrooge: Bah Humbug!' continues through December 30. To get tickets, click here.