KUSA — The Park County Coroner’s Office is working to identify the human remains that were discovered last week during a canine search for a man who has been missing since April 2017.

According to a news release from the coroner’s office, the skeletal remains were near where Will Iovenko’s vehicle was found on the side of the highway in Guffey, Colorado last year.

Iovenko disappeared last April, his family told 9NEWS. He borrowed his mother’s vehicle without telling anyone, and took off from his home in Santa Fe.

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His car was found eight months later, and his family offered a $50,000 reward for information about his whereabouts, and even hired a private investigator.

The human remains were found on Sept. 5, and the coroner is conducting an anthropological exam and comparing dental records.

The cause and manner of death are also under investigation, according to the Park County Coroner’s Office.