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Hundreds come together for black women's rights

Saturday, women of color marched for equal rights at the third annual March 4 Black Women Denver.

DENVER — Intersections around Civic Center Park and the State Capitol were closed Saturday morning.

Instead of hearing sounds of cars passing through streets, you heard feet hitting the pavement and voices echoed by more voices.

The message is supporting and backing black women.

March 4 Black Women Denver has been going on for three years, but the reasons for the march, women have spent decades addressing.
Kinyata Jackson is the founder and lead organizer for March 4 Black Women Denver.

"We are talking about reproductive justice and we are highlighting trans rights and talking about homelessness," says Jackson. "The voices of black and brown women are suppressed, are not heard, so we wanted to hold a platform that highlighted specifically black and brown women.

Though the march stops at the capitol, they are taking their message beyond the state building.

Jackson says, "At the end of the day this is the building where change happens, this is where policies are put fourth and so we need to let the people that are in this building Monday through Friday know that we are here.

They feel the best way to complete that task is bringing people together.

"There are is a lot of diversity here, and today is about black women but it's about all women coming together -- black, white, and brown. Everyone coming and supporting women as a whole," said Maya Wheeler, a supporter.

Jackson says, "While we have to organize and heal our own communities at the end of the day we have to come together as a whole human race to save ourselves and this earth."

The organization says it is working on getting unregistered voters registered as we get closer to an election year.

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