There are good excuses for being late, and then there is the fact that there is literally a bear blocking your car.

This is what one Colorado Springs woman got to experience when she pulled into her garage on Tuesday – but she handled it like a champ.

In a video she provided to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, the woman is heard telling the “freakin’ bear” to get out of her garage – especially when it walked toward the refrigerator.

She also said what might possibly be the best excuse ever to get out of any situation: “Um, I can’t go because there is a bear behind me.”

The woman is heard honking and getting the bear to run into her driveway, and it’s all caught on her backup camera – which notifies her there is a hazard behind her car that HAPPENS TO BE A BEAR.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife tells KOAA-TV this is believed to be the same bear that was caught on camera stealing ice cream and M&Ms from a garage in the same neighborhood.

They’re working to track the bear down.

You can see tips for handling bears from Colorado Parks and Wildlife here:

And click play above to watch the full video! It's worth it.

h/t: KOAA


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