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Isak the troll is leaving Breckenridge ahead of schedule

Isak Heartstone, the troll set up on a trail outside of Breckenridge, was supposed to come down this spring - the decision came after months of complaints from residents. On Tuesday, the town council decided instead to take it down as quickly as humanly possible.

In October, it looked like the Town Council of Breckenridge would leave Isak Heartstone (the giant wooden troll art installation left along Wellington Trail) where he is until Spring. On Tuesday, that same council has now decided to remove it as soon as humanly possible.

The latest decision, according to the resort town's website, comes after the council and Breckenridge Creative Arts took another look at everything Isak - site access, public safety concerns amid winter weather, the structural and aesthetic integrity, trail degradation caused by visitors wanting to see Isak, and town resources - and decided it just wasn't worth keeping the troll through the winter months.

"Taking into consideration de-installation logistics and the upcoming winter weather forecast, Town of Breckenridge officials agreed immediate action was necessary," the town says in this news release. "Immediate action" in this case translates to "the troll will be taken down as soon as the weather allows."

Isak Heartstone was always popular - just not with his neighbors. 9NEWS has covered the story - from its cool beginnings to the grumblings of irritation and finally to the annals of history as Breckenridge decided to remove it. When the town council was in the process of deciding whether or not to remove it, 9NEWS ran into several visitors who glowed about the art installation. We also ran into several residents who were less than enthused while talking about the troll.

The town admits it was surprised at how popular the installation became, and said that the artist, Thomas Dambo, is also aware of the problems that have come to light since people began flocking to it in droves. The town council said Dambo "feels the work has already accomplished great success in its current lifespan."

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