The terrorist attacks at an airport in Istanbul Tuesday hit close to home for Metro State University Professor Dr. Robert Hazan.

Hazan was born in Istanbul, and tries to visit every year. He says his friends and family are safe, but that Tuesday’s attack illustrates a much bigger problem.

“This is a cycle of violence that has gone on for too long,” Hazan said.

He says this most recent attack is proof officials need to strengthen security in airports and transportation hubs.

Experts say that’s especially true for TSA lines in the U.S.

MSU professor and airport security analyst Jeff Price says the long lines create “soft targets.” By streamlining the process, he says airports can reduce the attractiveness of checkpoints as targets, while also minimizing casualties in the event of an attack.

“We can’t stay so focused on slowing down the lines, to find all the small prohibited items,” Price said. “Obviously, we want to find the big stuff, the important stuff, but we need to keep those lines moving. Otherwise we’re creating a very soft target.”

Both Price and Hazan say they hope the U.S. and international airports enact changes quickly.