A six-month, $500,000 marketing campaign to recruit veteran tech workers in Silicon Valley and San Francisco to Colorado has failed to land any hires, but the coalition of companies behind it isn't giving up and believe they will soon see results.

The Colorado Technology Recruiting Coalition, made up of nine high-profile Denver tech firms and the Downtown Denver Partnership, launched its “Pivot to Colorado” campaign in April. The campaign, which wrapped up last month, casts moving to Denver as a way to improve an established tech career given the growing number of leadership roles at companies that are turning the city into a booming technology hub.

About 60,000 people have visited the Pivot to Colorado website, said Kelly Stevens, with the Colorado Technology Association, but no hires of mid- or senior-level engineers were made as a result of the campaign.

The coalition met Monday, Nov. 5, to discuss phase two of the campaign. Those plans are still being worked out, officials said.

“There’s this longer play here of more brand awareness that needs more time than just six months,” Stevens said.

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