I had no idea I was connected to such virtual greatness on LinkedIn.

Having recently spent a few days sorting through and organizing my more than 16,700 LinkedIn connections, I discovered I was connected to 115 "masters," 35 "gurus," 15 "ninjas," five "geniuses," three "rock stars" and even a pair of "sensei."

Yes, those are real terms and phrases people I'm connected to on LinkedIn use to describe themselves as part of their professional headlines. And while I'm making light of the examples above, they reveal what I believe is the make-or-break section of your entire effort on LinkedIn — your profile headline.

Next to your photo, nothing matters more on LinkedIn than the profile title or headline you use to explain who you are, what you do and the audiences you serve. In fact, it follows you everywhere you go on the platform, always appearing right below your name and photo on the site.

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