Some homes in Grand Junction received promotional materials from the KKK made to look like valentines, except the message inside has left some residents upset.

The Mesa County Sheriff's Office says it received several complaints from homeowners who found the fliers in Ziploc bags with candy at the end of their driveways and mailboxes last week.

The sheriff's office says no crimes associated with the fliers have been reported, and there is no active investigation at this time.

Dickie Lewis shared an image of the flier with 9NEWS after his friend received one in the mail. Lewis had a message for those spreading the fliers around.

"You're not welcome here. We do not want you in this community. We would like you to go somewhere else,” Lewis said.

A report from the Huffington Post says people in seven other states reported receiving similar fliers this month.

Police in these communities believe it's unlikely those responsible would face charges since the fliers are constitutionally protected political speech.