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Lakewood police still investigating who fired gunshots in officer-involved shooting

Police said the shooting happened in the area of Alameda Avenue and Owens Street Monday afternoon in Lakewood.

DENVER — Lakewood Police (LPD) said they're still trying to figure out who fired which shots after a teenager was killed and an officer was hit by gunfire Monday afternoon. 

Investigators said the shooting happened after two teen girls robbed a mail carrier at gunpoint in the 400-block of Oak Street.

Initially, police said the suspect shot toward officers. Then, they revised their statement to say she pointed her gun at them. The officer who was shot suffered non-life-threatening injuries. 

Police said they are still interviewing witnesses and investigating where all the gunshots came from.

Neighbors in the area with home surveillance shared video that helps tell the story of what happened, leading up to a mailman being robbed at gunpoint and a teen suspect getting shot by police. 

"They're both in hoodies walking down the street," said Frank Sagan, looking through video footage. 

He said what happened on Monday was a first for him in this neighborhood, where he's lived since 1974. 

"You always hear that cliché that it's never happened here before and it can happen anywhere," said Sagan. "With all the gun violence you just think, whether it’s in schools or a mailman being robbed, you think when is this going to change, when is this going to turn around? It’s very frustrating."

In his home surveillance video, you can see the suspects getting out of and into a car. You also see them walking, then running through the neighborhood, carrying what looks like a package, at one point. 

Another neighbor's video footage shows one of the suspects allegedly stealing mail from their mailbox.

"Now we'll go where the mailman starts coming out," said Sagan. "They noticed him, right? Here they come."

Ashley Cole said she was at home with her two-and-a-half-year-old son, when she saw a car outside her front window, speed off.

"I'm just so baffled at the fact that it happened right in front of my house," said Cole. 

Then, she said she saw a girl running down the street and noticed her mail carrier laying on the ground. 

"I was pretty, pretty scared because nothing like that ever happens," said Cole. "It's a very quiet neighborhood, very safe neighborhood."

Police said the mail carrier was not injured and was able to get to a neighbor's house to call 911.

"He does not deserve that at all," said Cole. 

LPD said they've identified the two main suspects, two teen girls, but they are aware of a potential third suspect. 

One of the teen suspects was shot by officers near Alameda and Owens. She later died at the hospital. The other was caught by investigators in Frederick. 

Police said they're still investigating whether the teen suspect fired any shots at officers. 




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