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Art installation at Denver Pride represents unity, togetherness

"Hopefully it’s a wish for more unity, for more love, for less hate.”

DENVER — A big theme of Denver Pride is togetherness. An art installation at the celebration embodies that feeling of community.

"This is called 'Gather Together in Pride,'" said Colorado artist Lonnie Hanzon.

Credit: KUSA

Emerging from the pandemic and dealing with all the issues plaguing society, he wanted to bring people together at Pride.

"It's about us coming together, all of us coming together, and hopefully it's a wish for more unity, for more love, for less hate," said Hanzon. 

He said the interactive art installation is about rebuilding the world that we want to see. To symbolize that, people coming to Pride are encouraged to take part by adding silk ties to the sculpture. 

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"The world's a mess. The world's always been a mess," said Hanzon. "All you can do is try to participate joyfully."

It caught a lot of people's attention, becoming a prime spot for a photo opp. 

"I saw it and I just thought it was so gorgeous," said Isabella Severson, 18. 

It's her very first Pride. 

"I wasn't sure what kind of materials it was made out of, but I can tell it's a lot of different ones, which just shows what we're all about at Pride," she said. "We're all about inclusivity and all different kinds of patterns and I love it so much."

Credit: KUSA

For her, this sculpture represents love, inclusivity and standing together.

"It stands for everyone being together especially in the times we’re in now with everything happening with the Supreme Court," she said. "With everybody being together at Pride, I think it just really brings out hope that it’s not going to end this way. It’s going to be okay and they’re not going to come after same-sex marriage because we’ve got this. We’re going to keep it legal, safe, and incredible.”

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And hopefully one day, with this globe they've created, their vision of the future can be realized. 

"You got to make the world you wanna see," said Hanzon.


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