KUSA — The Adams County Board of Commissioners voted to approve a temporary moratorium for applications for oil and gas development in unincorporated Adams County at its meeting on Tuesday.

The resolution is effective immediately and continues until Nov. 30, "or until further action of the Board", the proposal text reads.

If you're thinking you hadn't heard about this - you're right. It hadn't been discussed publicly, and only popped up on Tuesday's agenda on Monday.

The resolution is in direct response to Proposition 112 - the ballot measure that would, if passed, mandate that new oil and gas development projects, including fracking, be a minimum distance of 2,500 feet from occupied buildings and other areas designated as vulnerable.

Occupied structures include homes, schools and hospitals, as defined by the final wording of Amendment 112. It defines vulnerable areas as playgrounds, permanent sports fields, amphitheaters, public parks, public open space, public and community drinking water sources, irrigation canals, lakes and reservoirs, streams and creeks and “any additional vulnerable areas designated by the state or a local government.”

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The proposal was brought forth to "ensure that there is no unfair advantage to applicants who might apply under current regulations in the weeks between now and the date that potential changes in the law when Proposition 112 becomes effective," the text reads.

Vital Colorado, a group that's mission statement is to promote the benefits of energy production in Colorado, said in an afternoon email the commissioners are trying to "sneak through" the moratorium.