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Despite dismissal, Denver Ethics Board 'troubled' by allegations against CdeBaca

In a letter to the officer who filed the complaint, the board said their ruling doesn't determine if the "behavior is right, wrong, or ethical or unethical."

DENVER — A letter from the Denver Ethics Board explains their decisions to dismiss a complaint from a Denver Police officer about the conduct of Denver City Councilwoman Candi CdeBaca earlier this month.

The board dismissed the complaint from Officer Mallory Lutkin on Sept. 15 citing a "lack of jurisdiction."

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The board sent a letter to Lutkin on Sept. 25 outlining their decision and said they were "troubled by the allegations."

>the above video is body camera footage from the encounter

According to the complaint, filed on Sept. 4, Officer Mallory Lutkin was in the area of 2900 Glenarm Place responding to a disturbance where “officers were arresting an armed party and officers had been assaulted."

Read the full complaint here

The complaint goes on to accuse Cedebaca of "dehumanizing officers" and "inciting protesters" during an August sweep of a camp occupied by those experiencing homelessness.

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In its Sept. 25 letter, the board said they didn't believe it was "frivolous" or "groundless" but "simply did not allege a violation of any actionable section of the Denver Code of Ethics."

They went on to explain that the dismissal is not a decision on whether the "behavior is right, wrong, or ethical or unethical."

It was also noted that the Code of Conduct for city council members states that "the citizens of the City and County of Denver expect their elected officials to behave in a manner befitting the honor and privilege they hold as representatives of the city."

The letter goes on to say that violence or the threat of violence by or against Council members is prohibited under the code of conduct, and while CdeBaca is not accountable under the Ethics code, she "is accountable to her constituents and to members of City Council."

In August, CdeBaca submitted a proposal to replace DPD with an unarmed “peace force” that would serve public safety by “proactive means.” The working document received little support at a City Council meeting on Aug. 17.

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