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DougCo commissioners pass resolution saying they won't enforce indoor mask mandate

Douglas County won't issue fines or penalties if masks are not worn indoors, a resolution says. However, the state could still issue sanctions.

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Colo. — In a two to one vote, the Douglas County Commissioners passed a resolution Tuesday afternoon that defies the state's indoor mask order.

Commissioners Abe Laydon and George Teal voted for the resolution, while Lora Thomas voted no.

According to the resolution, "Douglas County residents are free to choose how to protect their lives and livelihoods regarding mask wearing," and won't be subjected to fines or penalties by the local government for failure to wear a mask or present proof of vaccination. That policy would apply to both individuals and businesses within the county.

"I think taking symbolic actions that discourage mask wearing are shortsighted and unscientific," Gov. Jared Polis said when asked about the vote. "I encourage all Coloradans to follow CDC guidelines with regard to mask wearing."

Currently, the state's indoor mask order allows people not to wear masks at larger indoor events if 80% or more of the people attending show proof of full vaccination. 

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The commissioners, in the resolution, said the language in the order "concerned and confused" residents and business owners. They also argued in their resolution that it's not enforceable because it's "depriving citizens of fundamental constitutional rights" and said it will "disenfranchise citizens who are unwilling or unable to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination."

However, the board noted that while the county government will not punish citizens or businesses, they don't have control of potential repercussions from the state.

That means the state could still enforce its ban and could issue fines or penalties.

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In March, the commissioners passed a resolution asking the state to lift all COVID-19 restrictions.


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