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Election 2019 in Colorado: The highlights

Election Night 2019 has come and gone in Colorado. These are the results as we know them so far.

DENVER — Election Night 2019 has come and gone in Colorado. These are the results as we know them so far (as of Wednesday afternoon).


Colorado voted to keep the taxes normally returned to them because of the Taxpayer's Bill of Rights. If the state kept the money, it would have gone toward road improvements and schools.

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The measure that will allow sports betting passed by a narrow margin. The results teetered back and forth throughout Tuesday night before the measure was called by Associated Press on Wednesday afternoon.

DD will also put a 10% tax on legalized sports betting and use that money mainly for Colorado's water plan.

DD makes Colorado the nineteenth state to allow sports betting.  

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Mike Coffman, a former Congressman ousted by the blue wave of 2018, will be back in office leading Colorado's second-largest city.

Coffman spoke to 9NEWS political reporter Marshall Zelinger Tuesday night when the results appeared to be in his favor, yet unfinal.

"We maintain a good margin," he said. "The percentage, the lead, seems to be unchanging, so obviously I'm very happy about the direction of the race right now."

"This is a nonpartisan office. Some of the same people who voted against me in 2018 are voting for me now because they appreciate the leadership I have, the experience I have, in terms of moving Aurora forward and trying to heal the ideological divide in this city."

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Denver's school board will see historic change. Three candidates backed by the teacher's union won their races and will flip control of the board.

The former majority supports so-called "reform ideas" like charter schools and closing underperforming schools.

"It's significant," 9NEWS Democratic political expert James Mejia said of the potential change. "There are implications with where you put your budget, whether you're stressing charter schools and school choice, whether you're looking at neighborhood schools and frankly who the superintendent is."

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Brighton's mayor will be recalled. The effort is succeeded 70% to 30%.

Mayor Ken Kreutzer was recalled by citizens who think he covered up overbilling for water then led the firing of the city manager to keep it quiet.

A city councilmember will now fill that seat until voters elect a new mayor.

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The proposition asked if Denver Public Works should be reorganized while also adding a new, emphasized focus on public transit in Denver.

It will be Denver's first-ever, city-run transportation department, called the "Department of Transportation and Infrastructure."

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