Among the sea of democrats who won in Colorado on Tuesday is an Arapahoe County man who never wanted to run for office.

Democrat Tom Sullivan said lawmakers ignored him, and he wanted to force them to listen.

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"They never wanted to talk to me before, and they're gonna' have to talk to me now," said Sullivan, the newly elected representative for House District 37. "I've already had the worst day I'm ever gonna have."

That "worst day" was July 20, 2012.

His 27-year-old son, Alex Sullivan, was shot and killed in the Aurora theater shooting.

Sullivan began his political career by running for state senate in 2016. He lost to Republican Jack Tate.

He continued to show up at the statehouse as an advocate for victims and stricter gun control.

"I wish Alex was here of course, then things would have been different," said Sullivan. "But that's not something I get to dwell on anymore. So we've got to do everything we can to make sure that people don't have to live the life my wife and I do."

As a representative for HD37, Sullivan will push to pass a red flag law that he said would help family members get guns out of of the hands of people they think will harm themselves or others.

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His republican opponent and incumbent Cole Wist was the most prominent GOP sponsor of the bill last year, but it was blocked by other republicans.

Before his son died, Sullivan said he "never had any aspirations" to run for office.

Now that he's elected, he said he won't ignore the families of victims who face him on the other side of the table.