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One major takeaway from the 2018 midterm elections: Women win

And Colorado is no exception.

More than 100 women - a record number - have been elected or re-elected to Congress. That number includes the first Muslim women elected, the first Native American woman elected, and the youngest women ever elected to Congress (from New York).

The movement has been dubbed the 'women wave' and it's right here in Colorado, too.

Take Democrat and first-time candidate Julie Gonzales. She won Senate District 34 on Tuesday, which covers northwest and downtown Denver.

"Quite honestly, I never saw myself running for office, but I knew that normal people need to step up and serve,” she Gonzales said. "It's that hopeful vision that inspired me to run and inspired a lot of women you're seeing claim success after last night's election.”

Another one of those successful women was Serena Gonzales-Gutierrez. She's another Democrat and first-time candidate. She won the seat for State House District 4, which covers north Denver.

"I'm extremely proud to be amongst these other women,” she said. “Amongst these other candidates now elects."

Gonzales-Gutierrez said the women wave began because women want their voices heard. Gonzales told 9NEWS she feels the same way.

"I feel like we, as women have been taught these values and my mom instilled this in me of you lift as you climb,” Gonzales said. “As you achieve success, you create further opportunities for the little chicas who are looking up to you. It is an incredible responsibility and honor and privilege."

Nearly 1.3 million women voted in Colorado’s midterm election.

"It seems like what we saw was frankly quite a bit of anger and a lot of frustration and that translated into action as it does often for women,” explained 9NEWS political analyst Kelly Maher.

Maher is a Republican strategist. She said women are an area her party needs to work on. "We need to start talking about the kind of issues that women care about.

"As a wife and as a mom and as a political analyst, it's tough some days,” Maher said. “I think it's fantastic that women have largely decided to take control of the situation and to step up. It feels very empowering.”

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