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Here are options for tenants as federal eviction moratorium expires Aug. 1

As the federal eviction moratorium ends we look at the latest data, talk with a group assisting tenants and a landlord.

DENVER — When the clock strikes midnight Sunday, the federal eviction moratorium will expire due to Congress' failure to push through a last-minute extension to the moratorium Friday. Some house Democrats opposed it.

"In Colorado approximately 180,000 people live in households that are behind on the rent,” said Executive Director, COVID-19 Eviction Defense Project, Zach Neumann.

If tenants don't act fast, some could be out without a roof over their heads. Some may try to work things out with their landlord. Others may not want an eviction on their record, so they move out and go to a hotel, shelter or with family. Others will face an eviction notice where they have to face their landlord in court.

What's scary now is if you are behind on your rent, you're suddenly on a timeline,” Neumann said.

But Gov. Jared Polis stopped by signing a new executive order to give tenants more time to apply.

"Normally you have a 10-day notice period to make payment on the rent once the landlord puts the notice on your door. If you've applied for rental assistance you have 30 days instead of those 10 days,” Neumann said.

There have been 877 evictions executed by the Denver Sheriff's Office since March 5th, 2020, 9Wants to Know Investigative Data Producer Zack Newman found. The two most significant eviction months were October 2020, with 114 evictions. And June 2021 with 103 evictions.

"This is the moment to work together. Landlords work with your tenants, apply for that rental assistance, get those balances taken care of,” Neumann said.

Balances some landlords don’t believe will ever be paid.

"It's like watching the meter at the gas pump go around. The money that you are putting out. And it's like this is coming out of pocket. I may have to sell this home at foreclosure because I now can't afford to keep it,” said landlord Ann Janitell.

Ideally, Janitell would like an incentive from the government since so many landlords have allowed tenants to live rent-free. But landlords have been tasked with keeping up with the property out of their own pockets.

"Since we as the government required to provide housing free of charge for this period of time. We will waive your property taxes for that period of time,” Janitell said.

If you are facing eviction, you should seek counsel and apply for federal rental assistance through the department of local affairs.

Renters who may need assistance with rent when the moratorium expires can use the following resources:

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