DENVER — Most Colorado voters are in favor of a ballot measure that would allow the state government to hang onto surplus tax revenue for transportation and schools rather than refund it under the Taxpayer Bill of Rights, a new poll shows.

Magellan Strategies, a Republican-aligned firm based in Louisville, found in its survey of 500 voters that 54% support Proposition CC, a measure placed on the November statewide ballot by the legislature that would let the state permanently retain extra revenue that would otherwise be refunded to taxpayers under TABOR to spend on education, roads, bridges and transit.

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Another 30% of voters said they would vote no on CC and 15% said they didn't know how they would vote.

The ballot measure was read to those surveyed before they were asked their opinion.

Support for CC was much stronger among Democrats (72%) and unaffiliated voters (60%) than among Republicans (32%), according to the Magellan poll, results of which were released Wednesday.

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