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State representative arrested for suspicion of DUI near Broomfield school

Democratic Rep. Matt Gray disputed he was intoxicated in a now-deleted tweet.

BROOMFIELD, Colo. — A Colorado State Representative has been arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence.

State Rep. Matt Gray, D-Broomfield, a former prosecutor, was arrested and booked by the Broomfield Police Department (BPD) on Thursday evening. He was also photographed for a booking photo.

According to the brief narrative provided by BPD, he was arrested on suspicion for driving under the influence at 13770 Broadlands Dr. That address is Coyote Ridge Elementary School.

On Friday morning, in a now-deleted post on Twitter, Gray disputed the arrest on suspicion of DUI, saying he was showing symptoms of anxiety and depression.

"As many of you know, yesterday I was arrested on suspicion of DUI. I was not intoxicated, but my symptoms of anxiety and depression are such that too many people are worried when they're around me. I'm going to increase my level of therapy and appreciate all the support," Gray wrote in the now-deleted tweet.

Credit: Broomfield PD
Matt Gray

"I am deeply saddened and disappointed to learn of [Rep.] Matt Gray’s arrest. I don’t have all the facts at the moment, but it’s my belief that he has been struggling with alcoholism for some time now. I’m very thankful no one appears to have been hurt, and I strongly believe he needs to take time - beginning right now - to get the help he needs," House Speaker State Rep. Alec Garnett, D-Denver, said in a statement.

“We may debate policy and argue fiscal issues — but all lawmakers, despite our party affiliation, are Coloradans and we care for our state and for each other as people. I and the Republican Caucus are concerned about the early reports involving Rep. Matt Gray’s arrest but we support the Speaker’s plan to address the matter. We will continue to pray for Rep. Gray and his family," House Minority Leader State Rep. Hugh McKean, R-Loveland said in a statement.

9NEWS reached out to Gray early Friday but has not heard back for comment.

Gray is the first state lawmaker known to be arrested on suspicion of DUI since 2016 when Democratic State Rep. Dan Pabon was arrested on St. Patrick's Day.

Denver Police body worn camera video of that traffic stop showed Pabon bring up his position as a lawmaker and request the officer call his supervisor.

Pabon pleaded guilty and was sentenced to probation and community service.

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In 2012, Republican State Rep. Laura Bradford, was pulled over by Denver Police on suspicion of DUI.

Police said she failed a roadside sobriety test, but was sent home in a taxi, without doing a blood or breath test for alcohol.

Initially, police said that Bradford asked for legislative immunity, preventing lawmakers from being detained during the legislative session. Police admitted that never happened and that Bradford asked to be treated like anyone else.

Gray's arrest on suspicion of DUI and the statement from the speaker that he receives help comes on the same day that the entire State House will debate strengthening penalties for possession of fentanyl.

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On Friday morning, the House Appropriations Committee made changes to the already amended bill that would increase penalties for users of fentanyl.

During the Friday morning committee, the bill was changed to indicate that a felony for a user would be if they "had reasonable cause to believe" that the drug they had included fentanyl. The version of the bill that made it out of its first committee last week stated, "knew or reasonable should have known."

Another change would change the felony on a person's record to a misdemeanor if the person goes through treatment.

The bill will be debated on Friday afternoon on the House floor which will be viewed here.