Five Democratic clerk and recorders are crossing the aisle to endorse Republican Secretary of State Wayne Williams, who is running for re-election against Democratic challenger Jena Griswold.

In addition, several current and former elected officials and a prominent election activist are part of a coalition of Democratic supporters unveiled by the Republican’s campaign.

“I am the only candidate for secretary of state who understands that there is nothing partisan about running clean elections and making it easy for Coloradans to start new businesses,” Williams said in a statement. “While other candidates for the office might aim to turn the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office into a hyper-partisan office that only seeks to serve one political party or agenda, I understand the necessity to serve all Coloradans fairly and equally.”

Griswold dismissed the endorsements in a statement to Colorado Politics, calling Williams a “deeply conservative career politician” trying to distract voters from his record by “touting support from a few Democrats.”

In an unusual development in an exceptionally partisan year, Williams has won endorsements from more Democratic clerks than Griswold, an attorney making her first run for public office, who counts three from her own party in her corner.

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