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Loveland city manager faces possible suspension

The mayor is asking city council to discuss potential disciplinary action against Steve Adams after he was charged with harassment.

LOVELAND, Colo. — The mayor of Loveland wants to suspend the city manager after he was charged with harassing an independent journalist at the Larimer County Justice Center.

Mayor Jacki Marsh plans to file a motion Tuesday to suspend Steve Adams with pay until the city council can discuss potential disciplinary action.

Adams was charged with misdemeanor harassment in June for an incident that took place outside a Larimer County courtroom on March 29.

Stacy Lynne, an independent journalist, said she was at the courthouse following a case involving the City of Loveland.

She started filming city leaders walking past her, including Steve Adams. Lynne said Adams locked eyes on her as he approached.

“He leaned into me, and hit me with his shoulder," Lynne said. "It was a flat-out shoulder check.”

Lynne said there was plenty of room for Adams to pass without making contact with her.

“I am a journalist working inside a justice center, and a city employee who was upset with my work hit me knowing he was on camera," Lynne said. "He knew this building is full of deputies, and he did it anyway.”

Adams accepted a diversion agreement from the district attorney. If he completes community service and a conflict resolution class, the charge will be dismissed and his record sealed.

“[Adams] has still been operating at full capacity making decisions for all of the employees for the City of Loveland without any discipline at all," Lynne said.

Marsh plans to address potential disciplinary action during Tuesday's city council meeting, though other council members have asked for the discussion to wait until Adams' performance review in late December.

Marsh told 9NEWS some city council members will be out of town Tuesday, but she would rather not delay the discussion.

The mayor laid out her views in a letter added to the agenda of Tuesday's meeting.

"While the delay seems reasonable when considering the City Manager’s Performance Review; it is not reasonable in the context of taking timely action regarding the criminal charge against the City Manager," Marsh wrote. "Delaying discussion and taking potential action until late December does not align with City Policy and is likely inconsistent in regards to how other City employees have been treated."

If the mayor's motion to suspend Adams passes, the city council would name an acting city manager.

9NEWS reached out to Adams for comment Monday but did not receive a response.

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