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School community, family rally to support teen hospitalized with flu complications

The 14-year-old developed complications from the flu and was rushed to the hospital, where he remains on life support.

MEAD, Colo. — Less than two weeks ago, Beckett Reiff was wresting for Mead High School. Now, he is on life support. 

The 14-year-old developed complications from the flu and was rushed to the hospital.

"We since have learned that it was influenza, pneumonia, septic shock and he had a massive staph infection in his blood," Beckett's dad Quinton Reiff said.

"There was collateral damage. We had to make a life or limb decision, and that cost him the lower portion of his right leg," he added as he choked back tears. 

"We’ve been told a few times, [the doctors are] not sure why he’s still here, but he is and everybody’s rooting for him," his mom Julie Reiff said. "I don’t know why any of this is happening, but the support is amazing and I’m going to hang on to every bit of that I can."

Credit: Reiff Family

Beckett is a freshman at Mead High and has already made an impression in the athletics department. Football coach Jason Klatt only had great things to say about him. 

"We love the kid and how hard he works. He is one tough kid. Just a really good character kid. He’s a hardworking young man. Beckett is everything about who we are at Mead High School," Klatt said. "We have a community that has hope and we have faith and our hope is telling us that Beckett's going to be OK."

Beckett was wrestling with the high school team the day before he felt sick. His parents don't understand how his condition deteriorated so quickly, but they are remaining positive that he will recover. 

Credit: Reiff Family

"I’m really trying to hold on to the positives that we’re hearing and finding and believing that Beckett is an absolute fighter," Julie Reiff said. "If you were to look up the definition of a fighter or a warrior, I truly believe you would see a picture of him there. And he’s not giving up. And he’s scratching the amazing minds that are available here at Children’s Hospital to their maximum, and that's because he isn’t giving up. They are not giving up." 

A GoFundMe and MealTrain have been created to help the family during this time. 



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