BOULDER – A sophomore at Boulder's New Vista High School stands by the message she delivered while causing an estimated $1,000 in losses for a Whole Foods Ideal Market store where she placed flowers on meat products Sunday evening.

Police say the store cannot sell the meat due to the tampering.

"We are fighting for your liberation," said 15-year-old Ateret Goldman in video of Sunday’s protest released by the animal rights group Direct Action Everywhere. "You are loved. We miss you. We are fighting for your liberation. Your life matters.”

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Goldman disagrees with objectifying animals and calling what she did property damage.

She says it was an act of compassion and love for the animals, comparing her placement of flowers to what is done at funerals. “It wouldn’t be right to let those bodies not be acknowledged with a symbol of love for who they really are: individuals who wanted to live.”

Goldman is an organizer for Direct Action Everywhere, a group working to completely liberate animals within one human generation.

9NEWS typically does not identify suspects who are so young. However, Direct Action Everywhere revealed Goldman’s identity in a news release Monday. The teen appears ready to face the consequences of what she did. "This is an act of compassion. This is an act of love. And what they want to respond to that with is their domain."

Police say the teen, along with the man who recorded her protest, could face criminal mischief charges.

Goldman says she her parents are supportive of her activism. However, she admits her two older brothers do not approve.