SUMMIT COUNTY, Colo. — Warrants have been issued for four men in Summit County for Animal Fighting and Cruelty to Animals after Colorado State Patrol (CSP) in May discovered 33 roosters being kept in homemade wooden boxes without water or food during a traffic stop, according to a release from the District Attorney's office for the Fifth Judicial District. 

The birds were taken into the care of the Summit County Sheriff’s Office where they were examined and determined to be raised for cockfighting, the release states.

Warrants were issued for:

  • Cody Lance Smith of Kentucky, age 28;
  • Kenneth D. Dotson of Kentucky, age 29;
  • Austin Clanton of Tennessee, age 26; and
  • Jose Saltos, Jr. (residence unverified), age 42.

Upon the men’s arrest, bond can be $5,000 posted, the release states, as set by Judge Casias of the Summit County Court. Animal fighting is a class five felony and is punishable by up to three years in prison. Although there is no direct information connecting these defendants to an actual fight, possession or transporting of roosters knowing that they will be engaged in fighting is criminal conduct.

The birds were euthanized due to the potential disease risk, the release states.

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