KUSA – The infamous ex-juror whose answers on a jury questionnaire led a judge to toss out the murder conviction of Michael Blagg said she feels like she can finally get some closure now that a separate jury has come to the same conclusion she did in 2004.

“Michael Blagg murdered his wife,” Marilyn Charlesworth told 9Wants to Know investigative reporter Chris Vanderveen. “I’m just glad it’s over.”

MAIN STORY | Michael Blagg found guilty of wife’s murder for a second time

Blagg’s defense team investigated Charlesworth for years after the jury she was on convicted Blagg in 2004 of the highly publicized 2001 murder of his wife Jennifer Blagg.

They originally tried to get the conviction thrown out on account of Charlesworth’s poor eyesight. A judge ultimately concluded it didn’t matter.

But in 2013, Charlesworth brought about additional scrutiny when she publicly announced to the Grand Junction City Council that she had been a victim of domestic violence.

That claim, at least on the surface, appeared to run counter to the answers she had provided on her original jury questionnaire. This time, the judge agreed to throw out the conviction.

Charlesworth spent years fighting bad press and legal scrutiny before ultimately serving ten days in jail as punishment.

“They took three years of my life,” she said.

As for her thoughts on Thursday’s conviction of Blagg, Charlesworth said it merely confirmed what she had thought all along.

“Michael [Blagg] could not walk away a free man. He murdered his wife, and that jury felt the same way we did. So that’s 24 people now – community members and John Does – that found this man guilty,” she said.

In 2015, 9Wants to Know spoke to her about getting Blagg's conviction thrown out and forcing a retrial. Watch the video below or at this link: