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High volume of air traffic where deadly midair collision occurred leaves some neighbors frustrated

"Why does it always come to this you know? It always comes to somebody getting hurt to do something," a neighbor said.

BOULDER, Colo. — The midair plane crash that killed three has renewed frustration among community members about the number of aircraft that fly in the area.

The crash happened Saturday morning in Boulder County near Niwot Road and Highway 287, where it's usual to see aircraft flying.

On Monday morning, the Boulder County Coroner's Office identified the victims as Daniel Wilmoth, 22; Samuel Fisher, 23, and Henry Butler, 69.

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Ed Ruskus lives a street over from where the crash occurred. He was heartbroken to hear the news. 

"I feel so bad for the families that lost their families," Ruskus said. "Why does it always come to this you know? It always comes to somebody getting hurt to do something."

Ruskus is part of a group called Citizens for Quiet Skies. The organization has pushed for aviation noise regulation but Ruskus said it goes beyond that. He said it's a public safety issue. 

"You've got these 2,000lb instruments flying over your head at 500 feet," Ruskus added. "It gets to be where the tension from the propellers are this drone, this torture, especially on a Sunday. Like you can look at any given time and have like 10 planes over you."

Ruskus said he has shared his complaints on a local and federal level. He said the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has conducted surveys with the residents but nothing has changed. 

"We got to come together somehow not just me complaining and them wanting to do their planes before something ugly happens or some more people get killed," Ruskus added.

9NEWS reached out to the FAA regarding air traffic concerns in this area. We have yet to hear back pertaining to this issue. 


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