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Arriving migrants spend Wednesday in parking garage waiting for shelter

Edwin Ramon Rivas Becarra had spent the last couple of days inside the parking garage on Auraria's campus.

DENVER — Migrants continue to arrive in Denver. The city's dashboard states 378 people came into town Tuesday, and an additional 176 arrived as of Wednesday evening.

Denver leaders said they can't help as many people as they did earlier this year. Wednesday, dozens were waiting in a parking garage for shelter space to open up.

The city said Thursday that migrants are no longer being sheltered or processed on Auraria's campus, They are now being processed at a city-owned facility. Since Monday, migrants have been redirected to shelters or churches and no longer stayed overnight in the garage.

On Wednesday, 9NEWS caught up with Edwin Ramon Rivas Becarra, who had spent the last couple of days inside the parking garage on Auraria's campus.

Credit: Anne Herbst

Rivas Becarra started his journey four years ago. He, his wife, and their grandchildren made their way through seven countries to make it to the United States. At one point they were all split up. His grandkids were able to unite with their mother in New York, and he and his wife Dilcia Morelia are not too far behind.

They arrived in Denver on Tuesday.

"Yes, we were handed this difficult fight but thank God we are making it," he told 9NEWS in Spanish.

He and his wife spent most of their days in the parking garage where migrants were offered food and clothing on Wednesday. But for many of them, the day was spent waiting and figuring out where they would sleep.

"I slept over there by the church, on the side of the church because there was no more space to sleep," Rivas Becarra said. "I had to sleep on top of some cardboard, next to the church."

On Wednesday, the city said they were trying to stretch capacity at its four shelters to make sure everyone had a place to stay. Rivas Becarra said he was unsure if he'd go.

"But I don't know if at the shelter where they're sending us to, if they'll separate us again or we'll be together," he added when discussing the possibility of being separated from his wife.

Rivas Becarra and his wife have a ticket out of town on Saturday. 

"I wish the best for the people who are on their way here and that nothing bad happens to them on the way here," he said.

Angeline McCall contributed to this report. 


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