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These giant paper lanterns are a huge attraction in Tokyo

Asakusa is an area of Tokyo known for its history and impressive paper lanterns that tourists come from all over the world to see.

ASAKUSA, Taito City — In a place like Tokyo, where there is no shortage of historic and amazing sites to see, tour guide Masaharu Nozawa said there’s one place he takes everyone.

"This is probably the most visited spot and the most popular place in Tokyo for the tour guide,” Nozawa said.

It's called Asakusa. It's the oldest section of Tokyo, and tourists gather to see impressive Buddhist temples and the area's famous giant red lanterns. 

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Credit: 9News

The lanterns are made entirely of paper, but each one weighs several tons (or around 7,000 pounds). Under each one, you’ll see people posing or trying to touch them for good luck. 

“[People get] good luck from the paper lantern by posing as if they are protecting the heavy paper lantern,” Nozawa said.

Credit: 9News

It’s become a tradition in Tokyo that’s survived centuries and World War II, when nearly half of Asakusa was destroyed by bombings.

Credit: 9News

Since then, the area has been rebuilt and those three-ton lanterns are as bright as ever and a must see stop on any trip to Tokyo. 

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Credit: 9News

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