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Workout Wednesday: Jump progressions

Eric Telly, a Sports Performance Coach at Landow Performance, shares a workout focused on jump progressions.

DENVER — When it comes to jumping we have a spectrum of exercise to choose from.

Let’s start with a hop. From a 1/2 squat position you’ll want to swing your arms for momentum and then push off the ground. 

You’re just trying to create a little space between your feet and the ground. The hips won’t fully extend just yet - we will get there soon. When we land we want to be flat footed so we can rely on our muscles to absorb the force of the impact. 

One way to mix things up is to hop moving left or right. Another step further would be to hop and rotate a quarter turn in the air. 

Now let’s talk about jumping. We get to express more power as this exercise will be based on getting the hips fully extended. We can start from that 1/2 squat (static) position or we can start tall and go into a countermovement. 

Either way, we want to attack each jump to gain maximal height. This leads us into broad jump (jumping for distance) or we can go with a box jump (jumping to height). Box jumps are great because it actually reduces the force of the landing because of the height of the box. 

These are some exercises you can add to your exercise tool box. Have a blast!

For more information about Landow Performance, visit us at www.landowperformance.com, or on social media at @landowperformance on Instagram and @landowperform on Twitter. 

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