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Mom seeks justice for her son's murder

KUSA - It has been almost three years since Cynthia Gelston Graham buried her son and she's still waiting for justice.

Andrew Graham, 23, was found dead on Nov. 6, 2009. His body was face-down in the front yard of a home on East Phillips Place, just north of County Line Road and Yosemite Street in the Willow Creek subdivision. He suffered a single gunshot wound.

Investigators questioned a number of people and had four possible suspects.

"We don't know who pulled the trigger technically, but we know who was there and they've not been tried and I don't really think all the little legal tricks that are available have been used," she said.

When a grand jury took the case they concluded that it would remain unsolved until new evidence emerges.

According to its report, grand jurors met 22 times and heard from 63 people. Based on the evidence available they were not able to determine which suspect, if any, may have been involved.

"I'm disappointed but not surprised. The grand jury can only be as good as the case that's presented to them," Graham said.

She points the finger at the Arapahoe County District Attorney's Office.

"They weren't as vested in the case as they should've been," she said.

"We continue to have resources assigned to the investigation of Andrew's death. We will continue to work on this case and we will continue to focus our attention to bringing those responsible to justice," Arapahoe County Sheriff Grayson Robinson said when asked about the case.

Graham says she's still hopeful there will be justice for her son.

"I'm just hoping that we'll get another chance when the new DA is in office and we can get a fresh pair of eyes, and perhaps have someone who'd go to the mat and use all those little tricks in their bags to get justice done or to hold them accountable for what they've done," she said.

Read the grand jury report here.