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Staying safe during summer fun

With more hot weather on the way, Newswatch 16's Marshall Keely spoke to staff and parents at a local pool about keeping kids safe in the water.

EAST STROUDSBURG, Pa. — Saturday is opening day at Dansbury Park's swimming pool in East Stroudsburg. The first glimpse of the summer heat is here, and so are the swimmers. 

"Our area has so many bodies of water. The pools give us an opportunity to give the community a safe place to swim where we have lifeguards so that they can cool off a little bit," said Autumn Arthur, Stroudsburg Regional Open Space and Recreation Commission executive director. 

Everyone wants to have some fun in the sun this summer, but the staff wants you to do so safely. 

Their biggest piece of advice: know your limitations.

"Don't overestimate your ability to swim," Arthur said. "It's always easier to be a little bit cautious on it."

East Stroudsburg native Yuli Pabon said her sons have been waiting for this day.

"They are really excited because they were like, 'is the pool open yet?'" Pabon said. "It is. So here we are."

Even though there are lifeguards at each post, she keeps a watchful eye on the boys.

"I always have to know where they are because you never know," Pabon said. "It takes a matter of seconds that something could go wrong."

"It's always important that parents keep an eye on their own kids," Arthur added. "That goes for at the pool or anywhere else."

For younger, less experienced swimmers, Arthur recommends a U.S. Coast Guard-approved life vest, helping kids keep their heads above water at all times.

With many of the pandemic restrictions lifted, staff anticipates a summer full of splashes. 

"We're excited to be having people back in the park, seeing smiling faces again," Arthur said.

"Just getting out and doing normal things again, that's what we're excited about," Pabon said.

Arthur said the pool is always looking for more lifeguards. 

You can apply at the Stroud Region Open Space and Recreation Commission website.