Healthcare is in the midst of a major shift, from an emphasis on how many patients are treated to how well those patients are treated along each step of their healthcare journey.

The focus on the patient's journey is an industry term known as "patient experience." Patient experience is defined by the Beryl Institute as, "the sum of all interactions, shaped by an organization’s culture that influence patient perspectives across the continuum of care."

This shift in priorities is opening up new career options within the healthcare industry, allowing tech to play a role in efficiency of everyone from hospital staff and housekeeping, to doctors, nurses and CEOs. From apps that rate patient experience to communication tools, students are encouraged to integrate compassion and empathy in with technical and medical skills. 

The Beryl Institute is an independent social enterprise, which also established a non-profit affiliate -- the Patient Experience Institute -- that will encompasses educational, research and advocacy work.

The Beryl Institute says that their "commitment is to create a dynamic space for members to convene, engage and contribute to elevating, expanding and enhancing the global dialogue on improving the patient experience."

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