Colorado resident Jeff Meurer has created an opportunity for immersive play that's based around a childhood concept we all used as kids: cardboard.

With a background in the amusement industry where Meurer created, "themed experiences to immerse guests into new worlds, adventures and fun," this mechanical engineer has designed cardboard race cars, fighter jet cockpits and even a spacecraft to keep kids engaged in high-flying imaginative fun.

Kids between three to nine years old are the best fit for the complete cockpit design, but anyone can enjoy the nose and controller option.

Digital printing allows the cardboard to display bright colors. When it ships, it's packaged flat and assembles easily, hiding all raw edges for a smooth feel overall.

There's also an audio component to the cardboard cockpit where kids can listen to "missions" with storylines, character dialogue, and sound effects to add to the experience. The mission can be downloaded to any mobile device, PC or MAC and played like a regular audio file through the player and speakers.

Here's a sample of the downloadable audio:

"The communication towers are down and we can't get word through to our squadron. It is up to you to race against the night through dangerous skies to give word that the squadron's position has been compromised." Check Six Adventures says that, "along the way, things don't go as planned and you must adapt."

The cardboard cockpits are currently a part of a Kickstarter campaign. You can learn more or contribute to the project here: