Call me crazy or call me economical. I'm giving up credit cards.

Right in the middle of the holiday season, as everyone rushes to finish all that shopping.

No more credit cards.

I decided to take this crazy journey a few months ago, back when our morning team started to brainstorm the "Over It" series.

My original motivation was something along the lines of "Oh, look how much money I'll save. I will be full of credit card wisdom by the end of this."

We'll see. I wouldn't hold your breath.

My motivation is still the same, although I am getting a bit more intimidated by how this will go. I try not to use my credit card too often. It's mostly reserved for emergencies and other important purchases, with the occasional splurge on a cute dress or awesome pair of boots.

I also put my first tattoo on the card. (Mom and Dad already know about it, don't worry).

I'll also probably take it out of my wallet, just to be safe. You know, "out of sight, out of mind".

I've done a little bit of research. If research includes skimming a few Wikipedia pages and answering questions from incredulous coworkers questioning my sanity.

I certainly would not call myself a financial expert, or a math expert.

I'm a TV producer, which means I can write about money all day. I can do quick math on the fly if I'm dealing with numbers ending in 5 or 0. That's the way it is. (Walter Cronkite reference, anyone?)

I'll give updates on my progress all this month, online and on 9NEWS mornings.
I'll also bring in experts to explain what I'm doing and why it's either a great idea or one of the worst I've ever had.

Stick around for this one. It will either be an educational adventure or a stressful story. Either way, you can watch it all go down right here on 9NEWS.

If you're "Over" this story or want to tell me what rubbish you think my idea is, join the party in my inbox at Support and encouragement wouldn't be so bad either.