Sure, it’s one of those fake holidays you see floating around the Internet pretty much every day, but its message is something worth getting behind.

Oct. 5 marks “National Do Something Nice Day.” Its purpose? Exactly what it sounds like: doing something nice for another person (which, to be fair, one could argue you should do every day).

“Do Something Nice Day” is the fall counterpart to “Random Acts of Kindness Day,” which falls on Feb. 17.

You don’t need to go big to celebrate “National Do Something Nice Day.” Say something nice to a coworker who looks like they aren’t having the best day. Buy someone a cup of coffee, or hold open a door for a stranger with their hands full.

And even though Frank A. Clark once said “Real generosity is doing something nice for someone who will never find out,” you can still spread the kindness Wednesday by using the hashtag #DoSomethingNiceDay.

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