The great smart phone debate will probably get you talking.

“I think there’s an iPhone/Android person like there’s a Mac/PC person,” Alex Harbour said.

Are you Team Android or Team iPhone? Some people swear by their iPhone.

“This is my fifth one in four years -- they just keep getting better,” Gene Rilder said.

Others can’t get enough of their android

“I like the customization,” said Katie Mingo. “There’s so many options, menu after menu, and I like control over things.”

We have our preferences – we gravitate to what we’re used to. But, is one technically better than the other?

“Android is more popular, it’s used by the masses,” Tegna money man Matt Granite said.

He says budget wise, the Android has more options.

“One hundred percent of the time, there’s a cheaper Android alternative to an iPhone product, but keep in mind. when you say Android you’re referring to the operating system.” Granite said. “The devices range in price.”

But it’s not always about the money.

“Is an Apple or iPhone device more reliable?” Granite said. “Yes, there are plenty of Android devices that are just as reliable as iPhone, but as a whole, since Apple builds the hardware, makes the software, and builds the ecosystem, Apple has the edge when it comes to reliability.”

One iPhone user isn’t buying it. Lately, he hasn’t been satisfied with the phone.

“They used to be a fantastic device. The app ecosystem made sense, “ Anthony Claudia said. “Now, not so much, I’m thinking about switching.”

And this would be considered a rare move.

“There are some Android users that might migrate to IOS, to the iPhone,” Granite said. “But there are not a lot of iPhone users that go the other way.”

On the fence? Which way should you go?

“For first time cellphone users, iPhone is still the easier to use of the two,” Granite said. “If you are a Windows-based, hardcore individual you will still find that iPhone slightly easier.”

Easier, fancier, cheaper, what means the most to you? For many of us, it comes down to the convenient choice.

“I just always used my upgrades,” one iPhone user said.

Or for some of us, it’s always been the default phone.

“It was the first smartphone I got,” Android user Emma Franklin said.

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