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KUSA – I know there are only so many hours in a day, and there are things I really want to do.

Mindlessly scrolling through my favorite sites for musical instruments and cars is mental junk food.

Historically, I’ve mostly been an online “window shopper,” checking out things that I am interested in simply to see if they are good deals or not.

In the years where I was flying, I did this with airplanes all of the time. In fairness, I did find an inexpensive ownership group that made the hobby a lot more affordable.

But, after looking back at this year, I have to admit that I’ve actually bought a lot of stuff online.

I have all kinds of stories I tell myself of why I needed to get what I got, but bottom line is…I just wanted it.

So, follow along with 9NEWS Mornings as Marty Coniglio works to keep his online shopping habits in check!

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