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Documents reveal new information about controversy surrounding Morphew murder case

The credibility of the former lead investigator in the case has been called into question as Morphew's defense team asks the judge to dismiss the case.

FREMONT COUNTY, Colo. — Former Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) Agent Joseph Cahill used to be the man leading the investigation searching for Suzanne Morphew. After he accidently shot himself in the hand with his weapon, he revealed his doubts about the Morphew case to another CBI agent conducting an internal investigation into the incident with his gun.

In a 62-page transcript of the interview with former Agent Cahill obtained by 9Wants to Know, he calls Morphew’s arrest premature and the “worst decision that you can make.”

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After testifying at Morphew's preliminary hearing about other topics, he said District Attorney Linda Stanley “complained to the bureau about (his) testimony and asked that (he) no longer work on the case.” 

Cahill was soon transferred to the marijuana department. There are questions about whether the move within the CBI was planned before Stanley complained. 

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Suzanne Morphew went missing in May of 2020. Investigators have searched for her for nearly two years, but have been unable to locate any information about where her body might be. 

Stanley brought murder charges against Barry Morphew in May of 2021 and announced them publicly at a press conference. In recent months, Stanley has been mostly absent from the case. 

She hasn’t appeared in court in months with her team of prosecutors in the biggest case in her district. Attempts to reach Stanley for comment have not been returned.

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Stanley was reprimanded by a judge in the Morphew case for doing an interview with a true crime podcast last year. 9NEWS has learned at least one person has filed a complaint with the state attorney regulation counsel regarding her conduct, though it’s unknown if that complaint is being investigated. 

Stanley was publicly censured in 2019 for her conduct in a separate case, a rare step in Colorado.

Cahill testified earlier this month that he did think there was probable cause to arrest Morphew, but disagreed on the timing. 

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The judge in the case still has not ruled on whether to grant the defense’s motion to dismiss the case.

Morphew’s trial is set to start on April 28 with jury selection in Fremont County. As of right now, the judge says the trial could last up to 5 weeks.

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