Out on the playground of Clifton Elementary in Grand Junction, kids supposedly trade all sorts of things according to parent Brianna Palmer.

"Another kid just gave it to him in line. They always trade fidget spinners, Pokemon cards, things like that," Palmer said.

Palmer said her 7-year-old son came home with a suspicious looking vial.

"He had a little container, playing with it, and my brother asked him to see it," Palmer said.

She brought the container and rock-like substance back to Clifton Elementary.

"Our school resource officer did test the vial and the substance in it and it did test positive for methamphetamine," Megan Terlecky, Mesa County Sheriff's Office spokesperson. said.

Terlecky said at this investigators believe this is an isolated incident.

"We're still currently investigating how this substance came to be on the school grounds," Terlecky said. "That's something our school resource officers are still looking into."

Palmer can't believe what her son can find at the playground.

"To know that my 7-year-old has already seen it is mind-blowing," Palmer said.