In the middle of the night, on July 15, 1986, a baby vanished from his home in Colorado Springs.

Just like that.

Christopher Abeyta, who was 7 months old at the time, hasn’t been seen since.

His mother, Bernice Abeyta and her family have never stopped searching for him.

She recollects the sequence of events that night with crystal clear clarity.

“I started yelling Christopher is not here… and so I went running through the halls,” Abeyta said

The baby had been snatched from his crib.

The front door to the Abeyta’s Colorado Springs home had been left unlocked that night. Little Christopher was the youngest of seven children.

Denise Alves, who is Christopher’s sister, was home the night he was taken.

“I remember meeting my mom, she was running through the house… she had so much fear in her eyes,” Alves said.

The entire family has been involved in the search for their sibling over the years.

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“I swore I was going to find him. I’m still positive I’m going to find him,” Bernice Abeyta said.

Her search had always been urgent. But now, time is running out.

The 73-year-old was just told she has a rare terminal cancer and a mass on her liver.

Doctors are giving her about 8 months to live. She’s started chemo treatments, but is still looking for her baby boy.

“My whole mission right now is to talk to whoever is out there,” Bernice said from her home in Manitou Springs,

“There are people that might have known something and they’re covering it up.”

Colorado Springs Police say they have questioned people of interest, but no one has been arrested in the case.

The family has their own suspicions, but there’s never been enough evidence to convince police to take the case to a grand jury.

“The truth will come out eventually, I feel that deep down inside me,” The boy’s father, Gil Abeyta said. “They may not believe us and they may think we’re making it up, but there will come a day when all of a sudden the truth will come out.”

Bernice’s dying wish is to just see her son one more time.