PUEBLO, Colo. —

A man has been taken to the hospital for evaluation and treatment after he was rescued from the top of a 150’ steel power line tower in Pueblo early Sunday morning. 

According to the Pueblo Police Department, the man was naked at the time and heard yelling when officers were first dispatched to the Comanche Power Plant to rescue him. While communicating with him via a police cruiser PA, officers learned he is from New Mexico. 

Firefighters, meanwhile, climbed up as far as they could onto a ladder. The Pueblo Police Department said the man had his boxers with him and was able to put them back on before getting onto the ladder with help from coaching by officers and firefighters. 

Police said the man’s father spoke to officers, and said he didn’t know why his 29-year-old son was in Pueblo, but that he had been struggling with narcotics. 

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