Ducklings are on their way to a wildlife facility near Longmont and soon, they’ll have some new “dorms” to call home.

Now that winter’s over, the Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center is gearing up to take in more injured and sick animals in need.

“We’re now starting to get our baby birds and ducklings,” Lea Peshock with the center said.

Greenwood is the only center between Colorado Springs and Wyoming that can handle waterfowl.

Now, a new $30,000 enclosure will add another 50 duck dorms.

“It’s going to be a pretty nice little structure, and it’s going to house baby ducklings during the season, because we’ve pretty much out-grown our spot, and then during the winter months when we have geese and other large waterfowl, it will give us much more room to do a better job at rehabbing them,” Peshock said.

The first patient of the season is a mother duck with a fractured wing and her 10 babies. The hope is with a little TLC and medication she’ll heal quickly.

“It’s very unusual actually, to have mom and babies here together, which is why we’re very hopeful and excited she’ll be able to raise them, because she’s the best mom,” Jenny Bryant with Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation said.

The goal is to get the animals back in the wild as soon and as healthy as possible.

The wildlife center hopes to start building the new waterfowl enclosure in May and have it ready in time for new duckling births over the summer.