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9% of Colorado voters undecided before first presidential debate, poll shows

Going into the first presidential debate with incumbent Pres. Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden, 9% of Coloradans were undecided.

DENVER — Did the first presidential debate sway your opinion?

There weren't many undecided voters to be had in Colorado, at least according to Louisville-based conservative-leaning polling firm Magellan Strategies.

Pollster David Flaherty said his surveys show 8-9% of Colorado voters are undecided.

"We get the math here by doing internal surveys. We're constantly asking likely voters in Colorado, in the election for President -- we have a very standard, unbiased way of asking that question, and so we have a lot of data here internally at our shop," said Flaherty. "It's around 9%, 8 or 9%, high single digits, tops. But, it's been that way for a very long time, it's been that rock solid, really, since the beginning of August."

After a presidential debate that saw the candidates talk over each other and insult each other, what would be a good question to ask a voter on Wednesday morning?

"Did you learn anything that caused you to change your mind or become undecided?" said Flaherty. "Many don't just hop into, 'I'm definitely now on the other candidate's camp' overnight. So, I would ask, did you change your mind or did you become undecided after watching the debate tonight."

So, did you change your mind or did you become undecided after watching the debate tonight?

Let us know: marshall@9news.com and/or next@9news.com.

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