A parade of fascinating people stopped by Next in 2017.

Maybe you didn't always agree with them, or understand them, but we hope their stories at least made you think.

Below is a list of nine of out most memorable guests, ranked by Kyle in no particular order.

Who would you add? Weigh in, and let us who'd you'd like to see here in 2018 with #HeyNext or on our Facebook page.

Christopher Kendall

Christopher Kendall
Christopher Kendall

Kendall is a Coloradan who is homeless. He describes himself as an atheist, but he was moved by a sculpture of "Homeless Jesus" that was installed at Father Woody's Haven of Hope in Denver. It's hard to forget Kendall's honest eloquence. He told us, "What could be more powerful than a man that we hold in such high esteem sharing 'our experience?' It's a very powerful symbol."

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Ray Appling

Ray Appling
Ray Appling

Maybe you don't recall her name, but you probably know what she did. When Longmont Police tagged along with the Housing Authority to search affordable housing, Appling knew her rights. It was her tip, and her courage, that made these searches public knowledge. "This is a rights issue, not whether or not you have something to hide," she said.

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Bill Hammons

Bill Hammons may want to forget his interview on Next. The Unity Party candidate for Governor had received glowing media coverage for his promise of centrism. Part of his plan included Colorado secede from the United States, then join New Mexico and California in forming a new nation that will take over parts of Mexico.

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John Creed

Way down in Westcliffe, we met John Creed. He built hummingbird helmets for a better view of wildlife.

You have to watch the story to really appreciate how awesome it is.


Louise is now three years old. 
Louise is now three years old. 

We can't forget Louise and her family in Centennial. They taught us about about albinism, and about gratitude.

"Louise? What's the best part about having albinism?" her mom asked.

"Because I'm beautiful," she said.

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Kathy + Herb

Kathy and Herb

We met Kathy and Herb at the end of her life's journey. She was one of the first Coloradans to legally seek a doctor's help to end her life. Herb graciously has allowed us to check in, to see how he's been doing over the last year. Herb's honesty has reminded us that stories don't end when attention fades.

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He is the King Soopers clerk known only as "Cowboy." Cowboy's been working at the store in Arvada for more than 30 years, and you'll never walk by without hearing a "Howdy, Pard'ner."

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Deon Fisher

Deon Fisher plays piano on the 16th Street Mall, and is self-taught. A video of him playing has gotten 2 million views. 

We squeezed in a visit to see Fisher right before New Year's. Millions saw the video online of Fisher at the piano on the 16th Street Mall. We met a man who was a patient teacher and thoughtful artist. Chances are that it's not the last we've seen or heard from him.

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